• 26/04/24 @18:00-21:00 - Poljana Lukše Beretića (Komarda)Welcome friends!

    Welcome hangout for all winemakers, exhibitors and guests.
  • 27/04/24 @ 11:00-12:00 - Veliki Kaštio FortPanel discussion "Pioneers of natural viticulture and winemaking"

    Giorgio Clai, Frano Miloš, and Radovan Šuman will discuss their experiences. The moderator is Ivo Kara-Pešić.
  • 27/04/24 @ 13:00-19:00 - Rector's PalaceGrapeSton Fair

    It is finally time to taste some wine. Remember that there is an exciting food and coffee corner waiting for you.
  • 27/04/24 @ 19:00After Party

    After the GrapeSton Fair you can carry on enjoying natural wines and oysters from Pelješac at Wine Bar Cardo in Ston.


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